The Twelve Steps of the Power 90 Extreme Program


The complete get healthy P90X system includes a nutrition plan that will help you loose fat efficiently, while still maintaining those energy levels, a fitness guide, a quick overview video of all the programs offered, and of course the 12 DVDs containing the exercise programs. Here they are:

  • The chest and back program- learn how to make efficiently pull ups and push ups, and get rid fast of unwanted fat!
  • Pylometrics- improve your athletic performance with this extraordinary jumping cardio system
  • Shoulders + Arms –become stronger with the curling, flying and pressing exercising
  • Yoga X- learn about balance, flexibility and breath techniques- only if you have a calm mind can you achieve to get ripped efficiently.
  • Legs + back- a total body workout you will love
  • Kenpo X- cardio workout which is quite intense (including punching & kicking movements that help you with endurance and coordination)
  • Core Synergistics- conditioning your body through proper exercising
  • Chest+ Shoulder+ Triceps- learn to exercise all your muscles in your body (large & small) in order to get fit properly
  • Back + Biceps- tone and tighten your arm muscles
  • Cardio X- light cardio for toning & refreshing body and mind
  • Ab Ripper X- get those six packs carved out right now!

As you can see, with P90X you’ll get a comprehensive fitness schedule right in your living room. Make sure to follow the instructions, watch out what and when you eat, and don’t give up on the exercises…it only takes a few weeks until your looks will be changed!

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